Hallo, wellcome on website of BABY BIKE.eu


We would like to present to you combination of bike and baby stroller, our BABY BIKE.  This unique hybrid can help momy to keep in shape, same tame enjoy relax and travelling with own kid.  Originaly we had been importing BABY BIKE from China, but actualy we offer three version, cheapest Chineese version, or chinese version with our safety kit and soon we will sell also BABY BIKE produced in company JRM SPEEDWAY FACTORY, world wide producer of speedway racing motobikes from Czech Republic. And beside diferent types of production we also offer different types od our BABY BIKE. More info about types and colours you will find in this website part BABY BIKE.

We are look forward for you comment and cooperation,

Pavla and Olda Neumann, BABY BIKE founders